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Fully Environmental Compliant Treatment System


A mid-size BioGas plant will produce 50 to 75 cu meter per day of waste slurry. The waste slurry is high in BOD, CPOD, Ammonia Nitrogen and TSS. A typical treatment system incorporates the use of patented recirculation Polygeser® Bead Technology using biopolymers for flocculation and bio clarification, followed by an NH3+ air stripping step after pH adjustment; next the process entails an acid scrubbing phase to produce ammonium sulfate (fertilizer) as a valuable product. The final activated sludge waste stream is treated by a second Polygeser® bio clarification bead treatment

step. Finally, the clean process water is treated by ozone treatment. The resultant final water, as valuable product for agricultural or other non-potable use, will have a final CPOD, TSS and Ammonia level of <5, 1,and 1 mg/L respectively. This final discharge stream allows full environmental compliance.