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Nano-HPC ™


Nano-HPC™ is a liquid version of Nano-BLOCK ™ as chemically active admixture to cement‐containing mixes that increases the cementitious value and volume of cement paste with less cost. Nano-HPC™ functioning cost effective as an inorganic oxidizer of micro-metal elements contained in the cementitious materials to provide extension of cement gel surface by decay-hydration of the cement grain from 100 µm to 10 µm. Nano-HPC™ is a cost‐effective solution that provides a transformation of conventional concrete mix to High Performance concrete. Nano-HPC™ makes concrete strong and durable without the need of any other admixture and/or supplement materials or future applications.


Features & Benefits

  • Cost reductions. For conventional concrete mixes, Nano-HPC™ will solely replace the following admixtures and supplementary materials:

    1. Superplasticizers
    2. Water Reducers
    3. Pozzalons
    4. Silica Fume
    5. Fly Ash
    6. Membranes
    7. Fine Fillers
    8. Fibers
    9. Density & Strength Gainers

  • Dosage reduction of water at the rate of 10%-30% in conventional concrete mixes

  • No surface preparation (remove loose materials)

  • High cement hydration

  • Yield of mixed batch is higher by 8% to 14% of cement gel

  • Early strengthening at 3rd to 7th day

  • Compressive strength is increased by up to 25%

  • Shrinkage is lower at 2 to 3 times

  • Exothermic heat is lower at 30% to 50%

  • 100% water impermeability at 2 inch concrete thick layer

  • Strong adhesion to any porous material

  • Works with concrete in ambient temperature range of -4˚F to 104˚F

  • Increased pumpability

  • Increased workability

Nano-Block™ Concrete Block Hardener is a Fast Cement Drying Agent. It is a revolutionary advancement in drying additives control for the cement block industry. Nano-Block™ is a proprietary formulation that uses natural silica to adsorb water and shorten the drying process, reduces slump and strengthen concrete. NanoBlock™ Concrete Block Hardener captures water, and helps chemically bond cementitious compounds so they dry faster and stronger.

Nano-Block™ Concrete Block Hardener uses exclusive patented technology that incorporates registered ingredients that accelerates the drying process of cement while maintaining hardness. Nano-Block™ Concrete Block Hardener is free of formaldehyde and other dangerous chemicals. It is safe and easy to apply.