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Petro-Solv ™

EPA Approved Technology Removes Hydrocarbons, Oil, and Sediment from Water


Petro-Solv™ is the only single pass filter on the market that addresses the 126 EPA priority pollutants and eliminates the need for a vacuum truck to discharge contaminated water from flooded utility vaults and underground structures. By eliminating the need to dispatch a vacuum truck and using the same process for every dewatering event, utility companies can simplify field operations, reduce down time at the node, and lower overall costs.

Petro-SOLV™ Filters use proprietary oleophilic natural nanotechnology incorporating EPA registered ingredients that remove impurities from standing water found in utility vaults and substructures
Petro-SOLV™ Filters were developed for use by Electric and Gas utilities, telecommunications, subways or any entity that has underground vaults, in their routine de-watering operations.

This cutting edge nanotechnology is designed to reduce or eliminate the use of expensive vacuum trucks and minimize the costs associated with staff waiting for the arrival of the vacuum trucks. Once the vault waters (known waste stream) are properly characterized this device should effectively eliminate the need for a high percentage of vacuum trucks as the effluent can be disposed of down sewage drains. It has been scientifically proven at major southern California utilities’ vaults, with a high degree of success. Over 90% of the 126 items identified in the US EPA Priority Pollutant list were removed at efficiencies of over 97% at 125 gallons per minute. Once used the filters must be disposed of properly. The filters are not indicated for re-use.