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Nano ULTRA-Fertilizer ™


Nano ULTRA-Fertilizer™ Product represents the introduction of Nano-Technology to the field of Fertilizer manufacturing and supply. For this application, the technology is utilized for chicken or other manure from egg laying hens to produce a SLOW-Release Fertilizer that affords malodor control during processing.

Problems & Solution


Although it is rich in nutrients, fresh chicken manure can pose problems in the garden. Because it is so rich, it will create enough heat during decomposition to scorch tender plant roots. More importantly, fresh chicken manure can contain a number of human pathogens and parasites, including Salmonella spp. and E. coli. These pathogens can be transferred to harvested crops.


The use of Nano ULTRA-Fertilizer™ will significantly reduce or eliminate the processing steps conventionally used with chicken based manures such as filtering, blending, grinding, drying or composting. In terms of the production of a chemical fertilizer from chicken manures, the steps of Nitrogen (“N”) and Phosphorus (“P”) (N&P) extraction and concentration can also be reduced or eliminated because the same process is accomplished chemically at the Nano-level. This significantly saves time, money, and manufacturing costs.

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Nano ULTRA-Fertilizer™


  • Poultry site production of a Nano-micronized fertilizer using naturally-occurring, mined Nano-materials. Simple addition of powder to the manure upon conventional processing.

  • Nano ULTRA-Fertilizer™ controls the capture of gaseous malodors that normally vaporize to provide a Nitrogen (“N”) and Phosphorus (“P”) enriched fertilizer capturing all N & P as energy from the raw product.

  • N & P normally volatizes at the poultry site and escapes as malodor creating odors malicious to workers and environmental handling.

  • The N &P is captured in Nano-Cages for eventual SLOW-release by bacteria to crop fields upon use as a soil amendment.

  • Nano ULTRA-Fertilizer™ shows reduced burning of plants compared to conventional fertilizers due to N & P overload upon delivery and use as a soil amendment

  • The capture of Total N and Total P provides a fertilizer with enriched N & P percentages compared to normal fertilizer as Total Available N & P Energy is captured in the product (both of gaseous and solid origin).

  • Upon use as a soil amendment, the Nano-micronized Nano ULTRA-Fertilizer™ affords the SLOW-release of N & P as nutrients to crops; both lasting a longer time and allowing a lower amount to be used to accomplish the same results.

  • Since Nano ULTRA-Fertilizer™ is comprised of naturally-occurring, mined Nano materials derived from nature, its use and return to nature is fully compatible with the environment.

  • Nano ULTRA-Fertilizer™ is inexpensive, uses less, lasts longer, controls malodors, captures the Total Energy Footprint of nutrients, slow releases to soil over time, and is safe and effective as a natural soil amendment.

  • Nano ULTRA-Fertilizer™ is patent pending. Manufactured by AB Industries, LLC